Vapour Degreaser & Ultrasonic Washing Machine

Vapour Degreaser & Ultrasonic Washing Machine

"Kelleys" Trichloroethylene Degreasing is the simplest and the most efficient method of removing oil and grease from metal articles before surface treatment, finishing processes such as Electroplating, Phosphating, Anodizing, Industrial Linings, Heat Treatment before overhaul and during maintenance and repairs.


Depending upon the size and nature of the articles the degreasing process can be selected. "Kelleys" has supplied batch type as well as continuous type Degreasing when oily article is suspended in vapours, the solvent con-denses on it. Dissolves the oil and falls back into the sump. The cleaning action continues till the article being cleaned reaches the temperature of solvent vapour. by the time all traces of grease and oil have been removed. The vapour will penetrate into the deepest recesses of the articles and clean them in the matter of minutes.

In Vapour/Liquid Degreasing the articles are first immersed in hot solvent, then cooled in cold liquid or atmosphere and finally degreased in vapour.

Some Standard Sizes
S.No. Effective Vapour Size
01 600*600*400
02 900*600*400
03 1200*600*400

Single Stage Ultrasonic Cleaners

A Single tank ultrasonic cleaners are most often used when only a small number of parts are cleaned. It is important to remember that you should use an industrial grade ultrasonic cleaning system, not one of the standard table top types. Most table top systems are very lightly constructed and have small transducers, with the generator, tank and heater in the same shell. These single tank aqueous ultrasonic

Multistage Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaner with

Kelleys Multistage Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaner is Offered in Different Stage Such as
a.Ultrasonic Washing 1
b.Ultrasonic Washing 2
c.Ultrasonic Washing 3
d.Compress Air Drying
e.Hot Air Drying
Machines are Designed as per Customers Requirment